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Nitro Board Runaway


Nitro Board Runaway

STREET - The Runaway is built for the female rider that is a park slayer. The twin shape and urban flex make this board perfect for getting technical, yet still keep it fun. With its Gullwing Camber, the Runaway will amp up your confidence when learning new tricks.


Soort belag: Baseline: Year: Prijs: Radius (m): Lengte (cm): Breedte tip/tail: Breedte midden:
Hi-Def FH Base Hybrid Rocker 2013 399.95 11.1/5.8/11.1 11.2/6.2/11.2 12.0/6.4/12.0 12.7/6.7/12.7 142 146 149 153 273/273 275/275 279/279 283/283 233 234 238 242

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