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Burton Whammy Bar


Burton Whammy Bar

Like the Process, only a little looser for more jib-oriented riding, this is the dream board for the park and rail technician. With the convex design of Mid Spoon between the feet to magnify the catch-free effects of V-Rocker™, plus Scoop shaping at the tip and tail, this is as catch-free as you'll get without total abstinence.


Soort belag: Baseline: Year: Prijs: Radius (m): Lengte (cm): Breedte tip/tail: Breedte midden: Constructie:
Sintered Base 3D Base 2013 410 7,3 7,48 7,61 7,74 151 153 155 157 289,76/289,76 292,6/292,6 294,4/294,4 297,16/297,16 249 251 252 254 SuperFly with Dualzone EGD

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