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Bataleon Distortia


Bataleon Distortia

The Eve to our Evil Twin. True twin shape with TWIN TBT TM and a softer flex. A real park destroyer. There is nothing ‘girlie’ about this board. Except maybe the slightly narrower outline to better fit smaller feet. You know that when we make any board, it has to perform and have crazy pop regardless of gender issues.


Soort belag: Baseline: Year: Prijs: Radius (m): Lengte (cm): Breedte tip/tail: Breedte midden: Constructie:
Extruded Base 3D Base 2013 399.99 7,35 7,5 7,65 7,8 143 146 149 152 273 277 281 284 236 239 242 245 bi ax laminate

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