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Nidecker Platinum SC


Nidecker Platinum SC

The Platinum’s extraordinary performance has made it one of the most acclaimed boards in our line. From hard charging freeriders to seasoned boardercross racers, this big-mountain charger delivers stunning responsiveness and control. Once again we have utilized sustainable materials in its construction, including FSC-approved wood cores and linseed fibers in the structural layers, ensuring the Platinum blends eco-friendliness with one of the most responsive rides out there.


Soort belag: Baseline: Year: Prijs: Radius (m): Lengte (cm): Breedte tip/tail: Breedte midden: Constructie:
Sintered Base Camber 2013 459.95 7,4 8,0 8,1 8,3 8,3 154 158 161 164 165W 291/291 293/293 297/297 307/307 300/300 247 250 253 262 255 Swiss Core

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