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Lib Tech Burtner Boxscratcher


Lib Tech Burtner Boxscratcher

Jesse Burtner is an all mountain workhorse beast of a jibber. Jesse wanted an all terrain jib board that he could hit sidecountry jumps with, and still get his daily requirement of 38 jib tricks taken care of on. A short banana with Magne-Traction for people with full sized feet. Jesse, Sean and Pika run Think Thank and they are really good at making things simple, efficient, creative and extremely complicated. Jesse’s board is a thinking man’s jib stick that will get you out of any trouble your mind injects you into, with the style necessary to make the shot a keeper. Big Brain, Huge Balls, Short Banana!


Soort belag: Baseline: Year: Prijs: Radius (m): Lengte (cm): Breedte tip/tail: Breedte midden: Constructie:
TNT Super Fast Base Banana-Traction (BTX) 2013 459.95 7,6 7,8 8 8,2 8,3 143 147 151 154 157 27.9 28.7 29.4 29 29.5 24,5 25,2 25,3 25,5 25,5 Morning Wood Core

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